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About us

This needlework shop is a little family company dedicated at the present to the needlework and the making of the goods for brotherhoods.

Joined to the world of needlework since 1977, they are part of a group of pioneers in informatic diseign for machine embroider, so the 30 years experience in contact with all the needlework process, including diseign and programing, allow us to know thoroughly the secrets of machine needlework.

During the last years we are elaborating needlework for brotherhoods (“Hermandades” and “Cofradías”), working to purify a needlework technique which offers a beauty, an style and a relief highly like the classic needlework made by hand, in order to please our customers day by day, offering our own diseigns or fit to the customer’s drawing.

Don’t doubt to visit or contact us. We are at your service to budget without compromise for your projects. We will be glad to help you.